Company´s philosophy

1. High quality and reliable services for the public

The purpose of our existence and the content of our work is to serve the public in the field of drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment.

When doing our work we strive to convince our customers that our services are valuable, high-quality and reliable. We want to deserve the trust given by our customers by professional and exemplary representation at all levels of mutual contacts. In order to do so, we introduce and to the greatest possible extent use up-to-date knowledge of technology, economics and management.

2. Sensitive relation to the environment

In relation to the environment the company pursues a sensitive approach respecting the applicable law, regulations  and it follows the findings of moderns science. We are of the opinion that when managing water, being a valuable natural resource, it is necessary to minimise losses at all stages of its use and that it is our duty to strive after its returning to the water circulation in the cleanest possible  form.

3. Responsible assets management

The entrusted assets are operated in the effort to ensure their high long-term efficiency emphasising the operating reliability and a corresponding standard of maintenance and operation.

4. Increasing ft the qualifications and motivation of the personnel

We enable our employees to continuously advance their qualification so that everyone can be adequately qualified for his/her work. We create an environment in which dutiful personnel are duly remunerated and which can appreciate special and extraordinary contributions of the individuals.

5. Information for the public

Our customers and broad public are continuously informed about all important matters and decisions made in the field of water supplies and wastewater collection,  above all with respect to planning of new civil structures and equipment and pricing of our services .

6. Use of the advantages of market economy

The company’s management is based on the principle of market provision of inputs and their efficient processing. The prices of our services reflect the actual costs incurred by the company by providing these services.