Structure of shareholders

Structure of shareholders and distribution of registered capital as at 31st December 2018

Owner  % of registered capitanumber of shares
Statutory City of Brno51,004502 362 pcs
SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT46,272455  748 pcs
Minor shareholders2,72426 832 pcs
Total    100984 942 pcs

Statutory City of Brno

Brno is a statutory city. The statute of the City of Brno deals with the internal relations regarding city administration. The effort of the city’s representatives is to develop Brno into a dynamically developing centre of Southern Moravia, which will use its advantages, above all the favourable position  in the middle of the network of European cities.

This effort is also exercised via its ownership interests in important Brno companies, which influence the every-day life of the city. These companies include Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. 

On 6th June 1994, the Statutory City of Brno and the company Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. concluded the Agreement on operation of public water and sewerage systems and on provision of services related to leased assets, based on which the  Statutory Coty of Brno rented to Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. a set of movable and immovable assets and entitled the company to operate and maintain the water management infrastructure in the City of Brno.

On 9th August 1999, the contracting parties changed the agreement into the Lease and Operation Agreement and amended and extended the rights granted to the company and extended the period of lease, operation, maintenance and repair of the water supply and sewerage system  and related operated assets of the Statutory City of Brno by another 25 years.  

SUEZ Environnement Group/ONDEO v České republice

The French company Lyonnaise des Eaux, was the first foreign company in the field of water management that started being active in the former Czechoslovak Federative Republic in the early 1990’s, then after its break-up in the Czech Republic and in the late 1990’s  also in the Slovak Republic.

Initially, this was related to the international expansion of  Lyonnaise des Eaux and later,  after the merger of SUEZ and Lyonnaise des Eaux in 1997, to the development of a large supranational  French- Belgian  group.

SUEZ Group presently employs more than 175 000 people in three main branches of its business (energy, water, waste management) in more than  100 countries around the world and ranks amongst the biggest groups in the sector of „utilities“ .

During its 10-year presence in the Czech water market, SUEZ Group has managed to enter 10 water companies in the whole area of the Czech Republic. At present, following several mergers, SUEZ Environnement  is present in 5 companies.
These are operating companies in large cities, such as Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. in Brno, Ostravské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. in Ostrava, or Vodárny a kanalizace Karlovy Vary, a.s.v  in the Regions of  Karlovy Vary and Pilsen, Šumperská provozní a vodohospodářská společnost, a.s. in Šumperk and its vicinity and Vodohospodářská   společnost Benešov in the region of Benešov.
The companies with ownership interests of SUEZ Environnement supply drinking water to approximately 1.6 mil inhabitants of the Czech Republic. Thus, SUEZ Environnement/ONDEO ranks amongst the two greatest private international operators in the field of water management in the Czech Republic .

SUEZ Environnement/ ONDEO Group has managed to develop a fairly consolidated group of water companies in the Czech Republic, which gradually become parts of the large supranational  SUEZ Group.

The philosophy of the Group in the Czech Republic has always been to keep partnership with towns, municipalities and industrial companies. Only such a partnership based on equal partnership relationship and respect for the local conditions and specific features, along with provision of tailor-made services guarantee long-term presence on the market.  Suez Group is aware of this and intends to pursue and implement this philosophy in the every-day work of its employees in companies belonging to this Group in the Czech Republic.