Service area

The main activity of the company is to operate public water and sewerage systems, detect bursts on the water supply system, survey water and sewerage pipelines, inspect sewerage systems using TV cameras, ensure collection of wastewater and rain water and their treatment at the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Brno - Modřice including sludge. The company’s laboratories  perform analyses of drinking water as well as wastepaper.
Investment and designing activities focus on the preparation and  implementation of engineering structures in the field of water and sewerage systems.

All activities of the joint-stock company are vital for the life of the city and its inhabitants. The company operates in the while area of the Statutory City of Brno, as well as in the towns of  Kuřim, Modřice, Březová nad Svitavou, Doubravník, in the municipalities of Lelekovice, Česká, Moravany, Nebovidy, Vranov, Měnín, Moutnice, Želešice, Štěpánov nad Svratkou, Švařec, Skorotice, Dolní Loučky  and for the  Vír regional water supply system, Association of towns and municipalities and unions of municipalities.