Central water management control room

Central control room

The central control room can be viewed as a nerve centre of a complex organism receiving various impulses from the outside , reacting to and sending retreat signals so that the complex mechanism can react as it should and as it is  expected.

The central control room of Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s., located at the water treatment plant in Brno-Pisárky,  is in many cases a mediator of the contracts between the company and the public. It provides a continuous 24-hour service both on business days , as well as on Saturdays, Sundays  and public holidays. The customers – the citizens of Brno, organisations, offices and the police contract the central control room in cases when they need help or information related to water supplies or wastewater collection (water supply interruption, low pressure, pipe leakage). In case of a failure of services provided by the company, the central control room is obliged to take specific steps to rectify the situation. If the question complaint does not fall within the operations covered by the central control room, the customer is given advice who to approach. The discussion with the customers require a great deal of diplomacy and patience from the central control room operators  – for example, when it is necessary to novice the customer that water dripping from a tap in a kitchen sink will be repaired by a plumber for payment, and not by our company for free.

Three-shift operation of the central control room is ensured by 5 operators– controllers, whose main activities include: control of pipe closing during bursts on the system, identification of priority of bursts, provision of emergency supplies of water in case of a breakdown, ensuring of lighting of excavations related to water and sewage pipes repair at night and its checking, in case of emergency the controllers must mobilize staff on-duty to start making the repair also off the day shift, they must keep records on all operations performed on the water and sewerage networks by the company’s staff as well as contractors. An important part of the control room’s activities is monitoring of water supplies to approx.  45 water reservoirs on the water network, maintaining of prescribed levels and pressures and operation of auxiliary pumping stations. This is also related to claiming of necessary flow at the resources – Pisárky water treatment plant and the underground water resource in Březová nad Svitavou.

The central control room was established in the 1970’s and the equipment installed did not allow for any further development. Therefore, a decision was taken to install a brand new   monitoring and control system and a phonic radio system. This upgrade took place between 1995 – 1997.

The most extensive part of the central control room in terms of complexity as well as finance is the monitoring and control system. The design and implementation of this system was based on the following principal requirements and assumptions:

  • To maintain and improve the existing process linkages between the specific types of water and sewerage network structures 
  • To replace various types of connections between the water and sewerage network structures and with the control room by a homogeneous  radio data network
  • Due to the extent of the system and the number of structures it is necessary to maintain to the greatest possible extent the verified and functional system of local automatic control systems of the pumping stations and provide new systems so that the transfer to the full control could be carried out subsequently by using the capacities of Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s.
  • To significantly advance the monitoring part of the system in order to increase the level of information for the central control room and other operators about the status of the water and sewerage networks 
  • To allow for remote controlling of the pumping stations and the most important values from the control room 
  • To provide for emergency operation modes in case of interrupted connection, i.e. interrupted process linkages
  • To advance and simplify the level of record keeping, documenting and balancing
  • To enable alternative control and monitoring of the sewerage system between the central control room in Pisárky and the secondary control room in Modřice
  • Top ensure maximum possible reliability of the whole system
  • This project also includes construction of new spaces fro the central control room, including technical and other background, which creates a comprehensive space unit with a size of 356 m2 with selected access. The core of this space is the technical background room housing the central technical tools of the central control room and the control room itself.

The main objective of the upgrade of the technical equipment ensuring the operation of the central control room was to ensure reliable water supplies in all service areas, including keeping of relevant and statistic data of these operations and records of all operations performed on the water and sewerage infrastructure which have an impact on the provision of services and satisfaction of all our customers.