Company´s profile

The joint-stock company was established pursuant to Section 172 of the Commercial Code. It sole founder was the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic seated in Praha 1, Gorkého nám.32, to which the assets of the state enterprise were transferred pursuant to Section 11 Clause  3 of Act No. 92/1991 Sb., on conditions of transferring  state assets to other entities.

The subject of business of Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. is specified in the Deed of Foundation and resolutions taken by the General Meetings as per the records in the Business Register.

The main subject of business is the operation of public water and sewerage systems , production and distribution of drinking water, detection of bursts on the water system, setting out of water and sewage pipes, inspection of sewers using a TV camera. It includes drainage of wastewater and rain water, its treatment at the Modřice wastewater treatment plant including sludge disposal. The company’s laboratories carry out analyses of drinking water and wastewater.

Investment and designing activities focus on preparation and implementation of civil structures in the field of water and sewerage systems.

All operations of the joint-stock company are vital for the life of the city and its citizens. The company operates not only in the whole area of Brno, but also in the towns of  Kuřim, Modřice and Březová nad Svitavou, the municipalities of Lelekovice, Českou, Moravany, Nebovidy, Vranov, Moutnice, Měnín, Želešice, Koroužné, part of Švařec, Štěpánov nad Svratkou and the Vír regional water supply system, Sdružení měst, obcí a svazků obcí, where it operates a water treatment plant, conduit and other installations related to the Vír regional water supply system.

The water supply system of these towns and Brno, including the new  Vír regional conduit operated by the company, provide drinking water to the water distribution systems in  Šlapanice and its surroundings, Bílovice n/Svit., Adamov, Malá Lhota, Malhostovice and Drásov, Želešice, Rajhrad, Sokolnice, Těšany and other municipalities adjacent to the southern branch of the  Vír regional water supply system.